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    QTool Introduce .

    Convert, mount and directly editing system ext4 images (no extraction needed)
    Add languages to rom (YES 1 SHOT - Arab, Thai, Vietnamese ....)
    Rip rom languages
    TAR maker (Support lastest Samsung firmwares with meta folder)

    Adding languages to phone (Samsung, LG, Pantech Sky(s), Oppo) (YES 1 SHOT - Arab, Thai, Vietnamese....)
    Patch services (aka Samsung SecContacts* fix)
    Rip phone languages
    App Manager (for debloating, searching, All US carriers [A, T, P, V], Korean Carriers (LG U+, SKTelecom), Japanese ( DCM, KDDI) China Region (CN, HK, TW), Chinese Phones)
    BuildProp Editor
    Manual mode : for managing, search, pull, mod apks...

    Highly customize (You can use your own distionaries, apktools, custom lists...idc lol)
    Support windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 upto Creator Update
    No additional download, install needed.
    Fast - Reliable and easy to use

    [2] - Please read support document for more information

    1.PNG 2.PNG 3.PNG Screenshot_٢٠١٧٠٥١٨-٠٩٣٧٤٥.png Screenshot_٢٠١٧٠٥١٨-٠٩٣٧٥٧.png Screenshot_٢٠١٧٠٥١٨-٠٩٤٦٠٢.png
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    nào ra tool cho enh ké vé nha e phithanhmobile nè
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    very goooooooooooood, how to get it?
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trang này